Tax Grievance Services

image01No matter what, taxes will always be a part of life. We turn to professionals to minimize our income taxes, but pay our property taxes at face value. That’s all well and good unless your property is over-assessed. If that’s the case, you may need to file a tax grievance in order to pay the correct amount.

Property Taxes May Be Wrong

Real estate or property taxes have two components: the local tax rate and the value of your property. The tax rate is set by the local authority (town, village, or city) and is generally the same for everyone. The appraised value of your property reflects the opinion of the local assessor, and like any opinion, it may be wrong.

Property Over-Assessments

Over-assessments occur for a variety of reasons, including incorrect information in assessment records (size, conditional rating, property type, etc.) and/or outdated assessment records. Properties with below average conditions are often found to be over-assessed; as the assessor’s conditional rating is not consistent with the property’s actual condition. Over-assessments also occur when property values change but a property’s assessment doesn’t accurately reflect the current real estate market trends. Either way, it is possible to petition the local authority to reduce your assessment, and thus reduce your property taxes.

A Tax Grievance Isn’t EZ

Unfortunately, there is no Form 1040EZ for property tax reductions. In fact, grieving property taxes is more like filing Form 1040 with several Schedules and then submitting to an IRS audit. It’s a job be78st left to professionals like ours at Domus Appraisals.

Free Tax Grievance Consultation

At Domus, the property tax grievance process — also called the real estate tax certiorari process — begins with a free, no-obligation telephone or email consultation. An experienced Domus Property Tax Consultant will evaluate your case to determine if your property is over-assessed.

Certified Appraisal

If our Property Tax Consultant thinks your case has merit, we will assist you in obtaining an appraisal performed by a State Certified Tax Appraiser who will inspect your property and provide an independent appraisal of its value. The appraisal, if necessary, will provide the primary support in proving the over-assessment of your property. When a property has recently sold or if a recent appraisal has already been completed on the property, another appraisal is not typically needed.

Tax Grievance Petitions


Your Domus Property Tax Consultant will prepare your grievance professionally and file it along with the independent appraisal, as well as any other supporting evidence to your local Board of Assessment Review (BAR) for their decision. Our services include filing an appeal of the BAR’s decision if the over-assessment is not fully recognized.

Our Tax Grievance and Appraisal Fees

There is no charge for the initial Property Tax Consultation, and, if we don’t win your case, no charge for preparing and submitting the tax grievance petitions on your behalf. When we win your case, you’ll pay us 50% of the first year’s tax savings. You keep all the savings after the first year. The independent appraisal is the only up-front cost that you will incur. This one reason that we perform the preliminary research needed to determine if your property is over-assessed prior to engaging an appraiser.

Do You Have a Property Tax Grievance? Contact Domus!

Your local municipality offers the opportunity to file a grievance of your property taxes only 1x per year. With deadlines fast approaching, this is the time to ask Domus for your free property tax consultation. Our evaluation of your property’s assessment will let you know if you are paying too much in property taxes. Call us today at 1-866-468-0271 or fill out a contact form.