Bankruptcy Appraisal Services

Bankruptcy appraisals are the best way to prove to the court your property’s actual value. This is stated within the required documents you submit for a bankruptcy filing.

When filing for bankruptcy, you must provide documentation and evidence of your income, assets, debts, and other obligations.  The value of your home or any other real estate owned should also be included. Providing a credible and accurate appraisal to the court is very important. In order to be sure that the appraisal you file along with the bankruptcy will serve its purpose, it’s crucial to select bankruptcy appraisers that have experience and knowledge of this process.

Bankruptcy Appraisals

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Appraiser

Domus Appraisals is often called upon by homeowners and bankruptcy attorneys to provide accurate home and property appraisals for individuals involved within the bankruptcy process. Our appraisals are constantly being reviewed and utilized by bankruptcy judges in determining the current market value of properties associated with a bankruptcy filing.

The credibility of an appraiser will be assessed by the bankruptcy judge.  They will be considering the experience and level of licensing possessed by the bankruptcy appraiser, as well as the format and content contained within the submitted appraisal.

Bankruptcy appraisals have a significant impact within the bankruptcy process.  If the property is appraised unreasonably low, then this will cause issues and delays when the lender challenges the valuation.  A poorly performed appraisal may also be rejected by the bankruptcy judge. Every appraisal that we perform is completed with a high level of quality and due diligence. We understand the importance of supporting the appraised value with viable comparables.

Need a Bankruptcy Appraisal? Domus Can Help

Time is always of the essence when moving through the bankruptcy process. Here at Domus Appraisals, we are readily available to provide accurate bankruptcy appraisals within the time frame you need. On the average, we are able to provide a completed residential appraisal within 2-3 days from inspection of the property.  Most commercial appraisals are generally completed within 1-2 weeks.

At Domus Appraisals, we have the experience, accuracy, and credibility needed to perform a professional bankruptcy appraisal.  Turn to the company that most local bankruptcy attorneys use, Domus Appraisals. Call us today at 1-866-939-5979 or fill out a contact form.