Divorce Appraisal Services

Divorce Appraisal Services“Negotiating a divorce property settlement depends on a fair, impartial and accurate assessment of the value of the property to be divided. But, who should determine how much the real estate is worth? It isn’t something a mediator or a judge can decide. For an accurate evaluation, you’ll need the expertise of a professional real estate appraiser.”  (Forbes)

When involved in a matrimonial separation or divorce, a real estate appraisal is usually necessary to determine the fair market value of any property owned by the interested parties. This usually requires a  divorce appraisal. There are generally two options for the involved parties regarding any property, residential or commercial, affected by the matrimonial proceedings.


  1. The property can be sold and the proceeds divided appropriately.
  2. One party can ‘buyout’ the other party.

How Matrimonial Appraisals Work

In either case, the value of the property will be required. In some cases, the two parties will choose one independent appraiser to perform the property appraisal. If both parties are in agreement with the appraised value, then the divorce appraisal will be utilized to determine how the property will be handled. If one or both parties are not in agreement with the appraised value, a second independent appraisal may be obtained. In other cases, especially if the parties are not amicable, they may opt to each independently hire an appraiser to value the property from the beginning.

In all scenarios, matrimonial appraisals require experienced, qualified appraisers that are competent in providing high quality divorce appraisals which may be presented in court proceedings. Domus Appraisals stands by their appraisals and has experience defending them in court.  Our senior appraisers have been qualified as expert witnesses in various Supreme Courts. In addition to providing an accurate, professional appraisal, we would be available to review and comment on any appraisals presented by opposing parties.


Domus Offers High Quality Divorce Appraisals

At Domus Appraisals, we understand the sensitive nature of matrimonial proceedings. We are accustomed to providing the highest level of service and communication. If you are in need of a strong divorce appraisal able to stand up in court or against another independently performed appraisal, you can count on Domus Appraisal’s expertise and experience. Call us today at 1-866-939-5979 or fill out a contact form.